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Ballantrae Scout Group (2nd Ayrshire)

Ballantrae Community Hall


Beavers 6pm to 7pm

Cubs 6pm to 7pm

Scouts 7pm to 8.30pm

Scouting encourages young people to be the best that they can be. We give them the confidence to dream big and the determination and drive to achieve their goals. We welcome boys and girls in all 3 sections.

Beavers 6-8yrs: Beavers is all about having fun, making friends, and learning new skills. At our weekly meetings we try out a huge range of activities, which might include science experiments, crafts, den building and more. We also go on day trips, sleepovers and camps, giving many Beavers a real adventure - their first night away from home!

Cubs 8-10.5yrs:  Being a Cub opens up a new world of fun and adventure for girls and boys through access to a massive range of exciting activities including camping, adventurous activities, such as climbing and sailing, plus creative and cultural pursuits. At weekly meetings, Cubs are encouraged to challenge themselves to try new things and are rewarded for effort, team work and leadership.

Scouts 10.5-14yrs:  From getting involved in the local community to attending international camps, Scouts have plenty of opportunities to develop independence and a sense of adventure. We encourage our Scouts to have a say in planning and developing the activities and projects they want to take part in, giving them the chance to put their team work and leadership skills into practice.

Our adult leaders help to make it all happen!  We get just as much out of Scouting as our young people do. As well as helping them to enjoy the adventure of Scouting, we have fun, make friends, develop new skills and have unforgettable experiences. Volunteering in Scouting can enhance our CV or simply allows us to pursue our interest in a specific hobby.

Group Scout Leader: Wendy McKechan: Tel: 714889 or 07831 370514


Kate Thomson 821479 or 07765490649


Charlotte Whitehurst 07388909328


Wendy McKechan  714889 0r 07831 370514

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