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Village Groups


Ballantrae in Bloom
Janette Sloan 831306

Ballantrae Bowling Club
Anne McCulloch 07917 843135

Ballantrae Coastguard Rescue Team
Jimmy King 831457

Ballantrae Gymnasts
Claire Erskine 07742 246827 or Stacey Stewart 07809 266526

Ballantrae Community Association
Chair, Laura Cunningham, 831785

Ballantrae Community Council
Chair, Dr Mhairi McKenna 831459 or 07901 506691

Ballantrae Crafty Bees
Liz Jenkins
Tel: 07582 745114

Ballantrae & District Horticultural Society
Linden Hunt 831207

Ballantrae Indoor Bowlers
Robert Dunlop 831365 or David McIlwraith 07919 940838

Ballantrae News
Andy McAlpine 831122

Ballantrae Parish Church
Session Clerk, Claire Strain 831246

Ballantrae Church Guild
Jessie Brown 831544
Malawi Link Group
Meg Peacock 831284

Ballantrae Primary School (and its after school groups)
Head Teacher, Yvonne Templeton 01465 716803 or 831369
Parent Council
Laura Cunningham 831785

Ballantrae RVS
Chairman Jean Dunlop
Tel: 831351 email:

Ballantrae Scottish Country Dancers

Meg Peacock 831284

Ballantrae Scout Group
Group Scout Leader:
Wendy McKechan: Tel: 714889 or 07831 370514
Kate Thomson 821479 or 07765 490649
Charlotte Whitehurst 07388 909328
Wendy McKechan 714889 0r 07831 370514

Ballantrae Toddlers
Chair - Cheryl Agnew
Tel: 07767 081602 Email:

Ballantrae Trust
Chair, Carol Bell 831489 Email:

Ballantrae SWI
Jessie Brown 831544

Ballantrae Walking Group
George McCardle 831505

Ballantrae Wombles (Litter)
Linden Hunt 831207 or Lynn Nield 831769

Ballantrae Youth Club
Cathy Lopez 831405

BRICC Tuesday Club
Mary McWhirter
Tel: 01465 831380 or 07765915268

Stinchar Valley Gardening Club
Chair, Moira McAlpine Tel: 831122 or

Stinchar Valley Magazine Ballantrae Representatives
Andy McAlpine 831122 or and
Peter Newland

Stinchar Valley Photo Group
Chair, Karen Stewart

If any group has been omitted or to make any changes, please contact Andy McAlpine or 83112

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