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1940 Snow Man North Lodge Glenapp


Late January, villages around Girvan were reported to be running short of food and fuel. Mail and bread have not got through for several days.

Girvan and surrounding villages telephone exchange automated.


Ballantrae Golf Course closes due to war.

Hon James Lyle Mackay (17)  youngest brother of Earl of Inchcape fell from a cliff at Glenapp while out shooting and was sadly killed.


As part of the ‘Wings for Victory Week’ Ballantrae raised £3,797 in only 4 days towards their target of  £8000.


Winston Churchill stayed at Glenapp Castle while assisting Dwight Eisenhower.


Telephone installed in Church Manse.

Unfortunate death occurs at Glenapp during snow storm when Mrs Marshall of Big Park passes away while walking home from Cairnryan.

Free Church Pulpit which was stored in Manse garage rots away and is disposed of.


Laggan House used as private boarding school with 20 pupils.

Alexander Steel (53) of Foreland was killed during boring operations on the Stinchar  Banks in preparation for a new bridge when he was struck on the forehead by a piece of  boring machinery. (bridge finally built in 1964)


1947 Wearing Grannies Clothes

1947 Wearing Grannies ClothesIn June the first nine holes of the new golf course (up the hill) were completed and were opened at the end of the month. The old clubhouse was refurbished and moved.

In October it was announced that the Golf Club founders Appeal raised £1,011 work on the second nine holes was held up by bad weather.

Snow storm blocks A77 at Glenapp buses from the North held at Ballantrae and from the South at Cairnryan.


Ballantrae Volunteer Fire Service comprised of 6 volunteers.

1949 John Mitchell haulage

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