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The following were added in October to the list of Justices :- John McCulloch Laggan, John Stevenson, Balig and Robert McWhirter schoolmaster .


1920s Elsie McKay


1920 Roadmen


A motor charabanc returning from Portpatrick was overtaken at Glenapp by a private touring motor which accidently struck the front wheel of the charabanc knocking the steering wheel out of the drivers hands . The vehicle swerved and overturned when the
wheels sunk in the soft soil. The 4 lady occupants were flung against the hedge and trapped for a time.

Farmer William Kennedy of Low Kilphin was returning home from Colmonell Show with George Shankland of Bennane in a horse & trap when they collided at Corby Stairs with a motor charabanc. The trap overturned and Mr Kennedy’s head hit a wall. He was treated at Ballantrae but died the following morning.

Fire in a bedroom at Bellvue Cottage Ballantrae resulted in £60 worth of damage to furniture. The occupant was a Miss Thomson.


David Bryce Architect added to Glenapp Castle building

1922 People at unveiling of War memorial

1922 Ballochdowan School Mr Conley headmaster


Unveiling took place of the Ballantrae War Memorial by Mrs Hughes Onslow CBE of Laggan and the dedication service was performed by the Rev JH Baxter Ballantrae Minister, Rev Robert Steen UF Minister and the Rev Ewen MacGregor of Glenapp.

Giuseppe Coli from Girvan while out shooting was crossing a fence near Ballantrae when he accidently shot himself in the leg, sadly he bled to death the following day in Ayr County Hospital.

Street type lamp erected at front of Church, removed in 1948 as not repairable

Andrew McGarva Woodland Farm Girvan was driving a horse and cart with 4 occupants near Lendalfoot when the horse shied and ran up the bank throwing the occupants out. A child in the cart was flung on to the horses back but the animal lay down and the child escaped uninjured.1924

Mr R L Richmond of Newcastle swam 100 yards out to sea and rescued a lady visitor who was in danger of drowning.


Death reported of James Milroy farmer at Dupin (last of family tenanting the farm for over 95 years) He remembered the days of the double coach service between Dumfries & Ayr and a little building beside the farm garden called ‘Strappers Hoose’ where the horses were changed & watered.


1925 "The Bean" on the road near Kennedy's pass



Extension built to Ballantrae Schoolhouse.

Sailing Ship Richard a Danish 4 mast schooner wrecked October 1926. It was built in the USA and was returning to Denmark empty having dropped a cargo of timber in Newry, Northern Ireland. It was only 4 years old.

When returning to Stranraer Dr Anderson and 2 lady friends travelling in a Daimler, skidded down an incline near Finnart’s road end . They had just got out of the car when it burst into flames and was reduced to scrap.


New hall built in Ballantrae and Glenapp church restored

Women’s Guild Garden fete held at Laggan raises over £100

Ayr UF Presbytery proposed joining the congregations of Colmonell and Ballantrae U F Churches, which proved futile as Colmonell wished their own minister.


Electricity installed in Parish Church

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