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A shepherd in Ballantrae Parish who lay down for a rest fell asleep and awoke to find an adder wrapping itself around his throat. He managed to throw it off without being bitten.

In July, The Ayrshire Express Newspaper stated that pugilism has alarming increased in the Ballantrae area

Auchenflower built by James Miller for James McIlwraith (Roads supervisor responsible for two thirds of parish roads, Galloway to Girvan Mail road and Ballantrae Harbour. Also Captain of 8th. Co Ayrshire Rifles (Stinchar Volunteers)


The mansion house of Auchairne is put up to let for 1 or more years John McEwen forester at Auchairne will show the premises.


Lime is imported from Larne at a cost of 1/- per barrel or coarser lime can be bought from Colmonell at about 9d. per barrel.


Offered for sale by Public Roup the estate of Glenapp (raised £42,800)

Around this time – the Earl of Orkney creates an artificial lake on Auchencrosh moor which flooded and caused considerable damage to Currarie Glen to the value of £700.

Village has no fewer than 6 or 7 Public Houses to a population not exceeding 600.


A reward of £400 was granted from the RNLI to the crew of the Ballantrae Lifeboat for the rescue of 4 men of the fishing boat JWR which was overtaken by a sudden gale and was in a disabled state


The ship Ithuriel became disabled in a storm off Balig, after some time she had drifted towards Ballantrae harbour and eventually went down. As none of the crew had been visible from the shore at any time it was deemed too late to launch the lifeboat. 3 hours after the ship sank large quantities of the wreck came ashore. This was recorded as the 3rd total shipwreck close to Ballantrae within the last 3 weeks.

The Greek Brig Thia Elpis struck a reef at Downan Point. A sailor jumped overboard with a rope tied around his waist and swam towards shore where he was pulled out of the water by local farm workers. The rest of the 11 crew then pulled themselves ashore on the rope and were saved. The ship later broke up and sank.

James Coutts exhibited an albino skylark found at Ballantrae to the Natural History Society in Glasgow

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