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Up to this date all houses in Ballantrae were thatched

The farm of Shallochwreck is offered for sale consisting of 400 acres of which 200 acres are fit for turnip husbandry.

1841 Plan of Knockdolian Estate


The Estate of Ballantrae (including, village & harbour and river Salmon fishing) was advertised for sale in the Scotsman of Jan 12th.

Village population 456 parish 1506


Ballantrae Free Church and manse built (superseded 1876). It was then used as village hall until1928 (known until recently as the Old Masonic hall) It was a reading room, library. Snooker room, ballroom and a 2 roomed flat for the caretaker and his wife. It was a youth club until taken over by a Masonic Lodge and recently sold and renovated as a dwelling.

1843 Free Church Token 01 Minister James Porteous

1843 Free Church Token 02 Minister James Porteous


Laggan House bought by Charles McGibbon whose son was David McGibbon architect and historian (1831-1902) He left Laggan in 1902 and much of the house was demolished with only the 1913 wing left standing.

It was reported that the Ballantrae Cod season was not as successful as in former years. 18 boats were engaged with the average daily take per boat being 1 Barrel selling at 15/- .Many of the fishermen sustained a great deal of loss to their lines caused by the trawl nets used by English fishing smacks on the cod fishing grounds


Proposed rail link to Ballantrae


A new 2 horse mail coach service between Ayr and Portpatrick calling at Ballantrae every day starts 2 April

Lord Orkney moved the last part of his collection of birds and animals to Glenapp House to join up with the rest of his collection which came from Jofrey Court near Windsor. This collection included a fine East Indian stag, a male and female emu and 3 young ones, 6 Mexican deer, 6 Berkshire pigs, (2 were gifted by his Lordship to Mr Whyte at Garphar) and 45 brace of pheasants. A number of eggs were gathered from his Lordship’s Capercailzies at Glenapp.


Harbour built £2000 by fishermen & £4000 by Board of Fisheries and built with Arran free stone.

A James White of Garphar fell off a haystack and broke his spine and he subsequently died

Schoolhouse at Glenapp built (salary in 1835 was £ 25 PA against £64 for village Schoolmaster)

The road was completely blocked by the biggest snowfall recorded for many years. The whole road from Auchairne road end to the head of Glenapp was impassable with snow in places being 8-10 feet .A hearse and funeral party were blocked not far from Auchencrosh .The funeral party finding further progress impossible left the hearse in the snow until the road was cleared. 30 men were sent by the road surveyor Mr McCall to clear the road which they managed to do in a day. One of the drivers of the Irish Mail Coach got stuck in a drift near Kilantringan Toll and was forced to stay at the Toll House all night

The Victoria and Albert containing the Royal Family and part of the Royal Squadron after a visit to Lochryan sailed close past Ballantrae heading up the Clyde


Mr Andrew Miller the Post between Ballantrae and Daljarrock is recorded as having walked 19 miles per day (Sunday excepted) for 14 years calculated at 83,258 miles


An advert was placed for a resident medical practitioner for Ballantrae. The annual pay for 3 years was to be £36 per annum supplemented by employment with the Poor Law Board of at least £14 per annum. Applications were to go to the Rev Mr Milroy Minister of Ballantrae


Glenapp Church built with endowment from Mrs Caddell nee Butter

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