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A Mill and Kiln were burnt to the ground and a quantity of grain lost. Several Irish people who were at the mill a few days prior and were turned away are suspected of causing the fire

Auchairne House built being an extension to a farm house

The horseback mail delivery was superseded by a Mail Coach .


Balkissock farm House built as shooting lodge.

The sloop Aim of Kincardine under master W Mason sailing from Malaga to the Clyde driven on shore at Ballantrae. The cargo of wine and fruit was discharged under the superintendence of the officers from Stranraer. As Malaga was infected with fever precautions were taken to prevent the crew communicating with the people on shore. Men from Ballantrae who had communication with the crew when the ship first beached were allowed to help with the unloading of the cargo. The ship was later refloated and sailed back to Malaga with her crew. The Ballantrae men were kept from having any communication with their families for some time.


Mr Andrew McCredie tenant in Craig of Glenapp was returning home from Colmonell Fair and fell over the Scar Precipice near Colmonell Manse and was found dead next morning by some anglers in the Stinchar


A trooper of the 9th Light Dragoons was killed in Ballantrae by a kick from a vicious charger


Thomas Burns nephew of Rabbie was Ballantrae Parish minister. Left for Monkton, then went to New Zealand as a missionary he had 2 sons and 4 daughters


Isabella Caddell nee Butter died 25 March 1829 and bequeathed £4500 and 15 acres of land to endow a chapel and a school at Glenapp

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