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1800 Harbour & Ailsa Craig


The ship Peggy from Greenock on route to Liverpool loaded with salt, tar, stoneware, cheese, etc. was wrecked 3 miles north of Ballantrae. The crew of 4 men was saved but the cargo was almost totally lost. Lieut. Hugh Ross of the Ballantrae volunteers along with a detachment of his men prevented any of the wreck being taken away. Despite the exertions of the officers stopping the inhabitants stripping the ship several instances were detected and locals detained. The sitting Magistrate imposed the full penalty of £5 upon 2 of the transgressors.


The 9th troop of the first Royal Dragoons on route from Hamilton to Ireland attempted to cross the severely flooded river Stinchar at Ballantrae. 5 horses with their riders were washed away in the current and only with the help of the local people were they saved (4 by the people wading into the river and the 5th by a boat crewed by 4 Ballantrae lads further downstream)


A diligence (carriage) commences running on 11th March from Blair’s Arms Portpatrick (7.00am) to Ayr on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays stopping at Ballantrae and arriving at the Kings Arms Ayr at 7.00pm a journey of 12 hours


The sloop Friends (Master Captain Bain) sailing from Greenock to Westport came ashore at Ballantrae

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