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A smuggling vessel just arrived from Gottenburgh (Gothenburg Sweden?) sent a small boat with 6 hands towards the shore to appraise the country of their arrival but did not appreciate the violence of the water and 2 of them were drowned while the other 4 got
ashore. Next day the vessel landed her cargo consisting of tea and brandy which was immediately carried off by the smugglers notwithstanding that several officers of the Revenue were present but were afraid to intervene as they did not have any military
support. 2 troops of Scots Greys were ordered to Ayrshire to prevent smuggling in this part of Ayrshire.


The Mail Coach from Stranraer to Ballantrae was robbed and a considerable sum of money taken out of a letter. The robber turned out to be the Post Boy who was committed to Stranraer Jail.

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