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Feud between Cassillis and Bargany Kennedys ends with the slaying at Pennyglen of Gilbert Kennedy, Laird of Ballantrae & Ardstinchar


Kirk and Bargany Aisle in Ballantrae village completed and endowed.


Body of Gilbert Kennedy and his wife Janet Stewart transferred from Ayr in a grand procession of a thousand men on horseback. Gilbert and his wife interred in Bargany Aisle.


Auchairne & Kilphine owned by the Grahams of Knockdolian


John Kennedy of Carlock owns Carlock House .


Ballantrae created a Barony

Ballantrae Kirk made Parish church


Auchairne & Kilphine now owned by the Kennedies of Blairquhan.


A royal postal service was introduced on several routes including that from Edinburgh to Portpatrick via Hamilton, Ayr, Girvan and Ballantrae supplemented in 1662 by another to Ireland via Glasgow and Kilmarnock.

School in Parish


Alexander Peden,( formerly a teacher at Tarbolton and laterally Minister at New Luce)
declared an outlaw for being a Covenanter and is caught by Government Militia near
Ballantrae. Taken to the Bass Rock and imprisoned until 1678 when he was to be
deported. He persuaded the ship’s Captain to let him go free and he remained an outlaw
until he died in 1686.


Windmill built above village


Ballantrae schoolmaster was James Muirhead


Parish of Ballantrae removed from Parish of Ayr to Stranraer

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