A77 road blocked at Glenapp by snowdrifts 15 feet deep

Charles F Kennedy of Bennane & Finnarts, the last local representative of the Kennedys of Ardstinchar & Bargany, sold Finnarts House to Lord Inchcape and emigrated to Tasmania. The house was immediately demolished.

Toilet installed in Ballantrae Church Vestry

Coal boat 'XL' from Isle of Man sank two miles north of Ballantrae on its way from Ayr to Kilkeel.  The crew rowed in a small boat to Ballantrae Coastguard Station where their needs were supplied by local agent for Shipwrecked Mariners' Society.

Free Church Manse sold for £625 to Inspector of the Poor

1930 Aerial View


Free Church noted as lying empty, and would later be demolished

Ardstinchar Church demolished after 1931

1931 Scything bracken at Downanhill Farm

1931 Ballantrae Public Hall


Poacher from Girvan sentenced to £5 fine or 30 days in prison for stealing three salmon and 14 sea trout from River Stinchar at Ballantrae


1932 Richard ran aground

1932 School children


A Glasgow traveller heading for Ballantrae stopped his car to watch two weasels and two adders fighting.  He tried to separate them by throwing stones and the weasels turned on him instead.  One weasel entered his car and settled on the back seat, where the driver dispatched it with a spanner.

Ballantrae Free Church, known since 1929 as Ardstinchar Church, sold for £65 to a Cumnock building firm

Balkissock House built by James Miller for Hughes-Onslow

Earl of Stair offered to give a five-year lease of a field adjacent to the village free of charge as a Recreation Ground.  The council agreed to equip the field for £60.

1933 Ardstinchar Castle used as book cover art


James Smith sentenced to two years in jail for stabbing Robert Drysdale, lodging house superintendent

River Stinchar flooded the road for 100 yards.  Glasgow to Stranraer bus eventually got through, with passengers standing on the seats as the bus partially filled with water.


Royal Mail letterbox installed at Auchencrosh Lodge, with two collections daily

Severe drought causes wells to dry up.  Cattle brought down to River Stinchar and water carried up to the hill animals.

Tragic death of Mr Walter Paul, Balnowlart's gamekeeper, in bicycle collision with Glenapp North Lodge gate

Ballantrae Free Church demolished – last minister was Rev. Robert Steen

Remains of ship Richard burned on shore at Redburn

"Necessitous Children" and blind pupils from Glasgow to stay at Ballantrae School for summer break


Girvan Education Authority recommend that electricity be installed in Ballantrae and Colmonell schools

200 full-grown salmon seen lying in the deep pool below Ballantrae bridge.

Clam-fishing at Ballantrae commenced by five boats

Fishermen sold the engine bought in 1906 for hauling boats out the sea.  Proceeds of £30 given to charity, of which £20 given to Ayr County Hospital.

1936 Fishermen with lobster pots


1936 Main Street Ballantrae


Basking shark netted in Lendal Bay by salmon fishermen Robert & Tom McQuiston

Penwhapple Water Scheme connected, supplying the Stinchar Valley

Mr Alexander Watson retired as Headmaster of Ballantrae Primary School after 10 years of service, replaced by Mr John McGarvie of Barrhill Public School

24 homes on Foreland green, consisting of six four-in-a-block buildings, were handed over to tenants 

Ayr County Council agreed to buy the Toll House with view to demolishing it to make way for a new bridge

Labourer from Stirlingshire taken to court for poaching at Ballantrae bridge.  Fined £5 plus expenses, with option of 20 days in prison.  His catch and nets were confiscated. 

Flint implement discovered by Mr John McNally in his garden was identified as a Neolithic arrowhead by National Museum in Edinburgh


108 Ballantrae ratepayers signed petition against Colmonell refuse being dumped at Ballantrae Coup ('coup' = Scots word for a rubbish dump)



Ballantrae village now had seven Air Raid Precaution Wardens and five Special Constables trained to deal with gas in air raids.  Colmonell village had begun training of 12 ARP Wardens and nine Special Constables.

Post Office announced that a public telephone box will be erected as soon as possible

Electricity installed in Church Manse

Public Inquiry held into the proposed new bridge and road alterations.  First part of the scheme to be the section from Ballantrae to Lagganholm, and the new bridge was to cost £35,000

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