Ship 'Water Nymph' wrecked on Downan Point on 7th March.  Body of Captain McLinty later washed up on the rocks.

A 50-ton smack sank off Downan Shore on 7th October.  Wreckage which washed up included a ladder branded with the name 'Hope of Douglas'.


Auchairne mansion house offered to let for one or more years, along with shootings, stabling for seven horses, byre and pig houses

Miller at Colling Mill was Allan Davie who also had a farm

A sloop laden with limestone sailing from the port of Wick in Ireland sank off Ballantrae

Edinburgh High Court sentenced six women to seven years' transportation to the colonies for the crime of robbery against William Drynan junior of Ballantrae


Commissioners for the proposed new railway were named as Alexander Cathcart of Knockdolian, James McIlwraith of Auchenflower, and Henry Hughes Onslow of Balkissock


The smack 'Rose', lying in Ballantrae Harbour with a cargo of potatoes, was in danger due to inclement weather.  Local man John Kennedy went aboard with the Master to see that all was well.  When both fell into the water, the Master managed to save himself by catching a rope and pulling himself on board, but John Kennedy was drowned.

A schooner was reported to sink with all hands off Currarie Port


Minister of Glenapp was Henry Gibson who remained in office until 1894

All eleven crew saved when a large foreign vessel wrecked on shore near Ballantrae and broke up

Ballantrae salmon fishing reported as being the poorest for many seasons, with one week showing not a single fish caught in the six bag nets regularly fished


William Crawford, driver of the Portpatrick Mail gig, was fatally injured on his way from Ballantrae to Daljarrock when the horse bolted and the gig overturned.  His brother, driver of the Newton Stewart gig, set off to search for him when the Portpatrick gig did not arrive on time, and found the unfortunate man.

Steamer 'Briton' on its way from Ayr to Stranraer got stuck on sunken rocks off Ballantrae.  All 30 passengers were safely brought ashore by Ballantrae boats.  The hull, machinery and boilers of the 'Briton' were later auctioned.

Public Meeting held to promote a railway from Girvan via Pinmore, Colmonell and Auchencrosh to Lochryan, where it was proposed to make the terminus at Finnarts Bay to link up with the Packet ships to Belfast


A meeting agreed to support the railway from Ballantrae to Cairnryan and Stranraer as recommended by Mr Bruce, a civil engineer from Edinburgh.  This proposal was supported by Sir James Fergusson MP, and Provost Caird of Stranraer.

Board of Fisheries reported that expenditure on Ballantrae Harbour was £5,585

Report on the harvest stated that the wheat crop was inferior and only two-fifths of the potato crop was sound

1857 Map of Ballantrae


Mr Hugh Kerr of Colmonell and his ten-year-old son were drawing the salmon net at Bennane Head when Mr Kerr overbalanced, fell in the water and was drowned


Vessel 'Jessie Paterson' of Irvine with a load of lime was driven onto the rocks at entrance to Ballantrae Harbour, caught fire, and burned to the water level.  The crew were all saved, along with a considerable quantity of rigging, spars and sails.

People in Ballantrae Parish listed in 'The Ayrshire Directory'  1851 

William Agnew, farmer, Bigpark

Mrs Agnes Ayrley, housekeeper, Finnart House, Glenapp

Mary Aitken, grocer

John Algie, farmer, Glendrisaig

David Allan, fisher

Hugh Allan, farmer, Mains

Thomas Allan, farmer, Foreland

Hugh Anderson, coastguard

William Anderson, farmer, Garpher

James Anderson, farmer, North and South Laggan

Samuel Baird, labourer

Alexander Barclay, farmer, Bigpark

Robert Barron, weaver

James Barrons, weaver

Robert Baxter, labourer, Crosshouse [Glenapp]

Rev. Duncan Blair, minister, Butters' Chapel

Duncan Blakely, labourer

John & William Brackinridge, farmers, Balig

Crawford Brown, tailor

John Brown, farmer, High Kilphin

David Burns, farmer, Crailoch

James Caird, Baldoon

Thomas Campbell, farmer and wright, Crosshouse, Glenapp

Alexander Carnochan, farmer, Craigends or Currarie Port, Glenapp

David Clarke, blacksmith

Hugh Clarke, carrier

David Coulter, farmer and wright, Herronsford

James Coulter, fisher

John Coulter, surfaceman

William Coulter, fisher

Bryce Crawford, labourer, Garleffin

Helen Cumming, grocer

James Cumming, skipper

Robert Cumming, fisher

Robert Cumming, farmer, Milburn

William Cumming, fisher

John Cunningham, farmer, Leffindonald

William Currie, Chelsea out-pensioner and shoemaker

John Dalrymple, yr. of Fordel, Main Street

Allan Davie, miller and farmer, Coling Mill

William Dick, farmer, Airycleoch and Strawarren

Andrew Dongan, farmer, Low Kilphin

Thomas Drynan, farrier

James Drynan, farmer and surfaceman, Mathew's Croft

Thomas Drynan, farmer, Mark, Glenapp

William Drynan, innkeeper

Nathan Dunlop, labourer, Garleffin

James Eaglesham senior, weaver

James Eaglesham junior, fisher

John Eaglesham, shoemaker, Garleffin

Robert Eaglesham, fisher

Thomas Eaglesham, fisher

William Eaglesham, shoemaker, Garleffin

David Fergusson, fisher

Hugh & John Fergusson, farmers, Balminnoch

James Fergusson, farmer, Shallochwreck

John Fergusson, Mains of Ballantrae and Park Kelly

Mrs Fergusson, spirit-dealer, Garleffin

David Gardner, weaver

John Gardner, fisher

Thomas Gardner, fisher

Peter Gibb, farmer, Bigpark

Roger Gordon, farmer, Upper Kilwhannell

Hugh Gowan, Bellymore

David Graham, farmer, Polcardoch

Mathew Graham, farmer, Balnowlart

Fergus Hawthorn, labourer

James Hepburn, lodging house keeper

Robert Hewison, retired tide-waiter

Robert Hunter, farmer, Kilwhannel

James Hutcheson, farmer, Glenover

Andrew Johnston, teacher

David and Hugh Kennedy, farmers and carters

John Kennedy, farmer, Balkissock (part of)

Captain Hew Ferguson Kennedy of Finnart, Glenapp

Archibald Kerr, farmer and wright, Ballochdowan, Glenapp

Hugh Kerr, farmer and feuar, Ballochdowan, Glenapp

James Leckie, weaver

John Leckie, weaver

William Leckie, labourer

Hugh Linton, labourer

Samuel Linton, fisher

Rev. John Milroy, parish minister, Manse

Hugh Milroy, farmer, Fordhouse

Thomas Milroy, farmer, Mulbain & Dupin, Glenapp

Miss Janet Milroy

John Milroy, Mulbain

James Milroy, Mulbain

Donaldson Miller, spirit-dealer

John Miller senior, postmaster

John Miller junior, letter-carrier

James Moore, grocer

John C. Moore of Corsewall

Samuel Moore, farmer, Bigpark

Robert Muir, farmer, Ballymore

Peter Murchie, blacksmith, Lagganholm

Andrew Murdoch, labourer

David & William Murduch, farmers, Kinning-park

Bernard Murphy, farmer, Ballochdowan, Glenapp

Robert McCaw, farmer, South Garphar

Anthony McClelland, miller, Ballochdowan Mill

Alexander McClure, farmer and cattle dealer, Strabracken and Laggafatter

John McClure, farmer and blacksmith, Herensford

Thomas McCord, agent for Girvan saving's bank

David McCracken, flesher

James McCracken, farmer, Altimeg, Glenapp

Mrs McCracken & Son, farmer, Craig, Glenapp

Peter McCracken, inspector of poor

James McCrae, farmer, Craigance, Glenapp

James McCreath, farmer, Smirton

G. McCreath, farmer, Smirton

James McCreath, farmer, Gleglae

Andrew McCredie, forester to Lord Orkney, Glenapp

Hugh McCredie, wright

Hugh McCredie, weaver

James McCredie, labourer

John McCredie, thatcher

Gilbert McDowall, farmer, Auchincross

John McDowall, farmer, Bigpark

Andrew McFarlane, coastguard service

Hugh McGregor, labourer

James McGregor, baron officer

Robert McGregor, tailor

Anthony McHarg, farmer, Tummock, Glenapp

James McIlwraith of Auchenflower

Ivy McIlwraith, farmer, Mains of Tig

David McIntosh, coastguard service

John McKie, dyker, Garleffar [?Garleffin]

David McKenna, farmer, part of Mains

Gilbert McKenna, farmer, Garleffin

Douglas McKissock, farmer, Duchra

John McKissock, farmer

William McKissock, farmer, Knockdow

William, James & Andrew McKissock, masons

Peter McKissock, tailor

William McLean, overseer, Mains of Tig

John McLeod, spirit-dealer

John McMillan, farmer, Sallochan

Peter McMeeken, mason, Garleffin

Andrew McQuaker, farmer, Muttonhall

Mrs McQuistin

Peter McQuistin, farmer, Ballochdowan, Glenapp

David McTeir, surfaceman, Glenapp

Alexander McWhirter, fisher

David McWhirter, labourer

Hugh McWhirter, fisher

James McWhirter, tailor

John McWhirter of Dornal

John & William McWhirter, farmers, Barnvannoch

John & William McWhirter, farmers, Shennas

William McWhirter, fisher

John McWhirter, residenter

Thomas McWilliam, weaver

John McWilliam, fisher

Claud Niel, innkeeper

George Nisbet, fisher

James Orr, labourer

William Orr, labourer

Daniel Owens, spirit-dealer and flesher, Garleffin

Hugh Peebles, grocer

Thomas Peebles, labourer, Garleffin

Rev. James Porteous, Free Church minister

James Rae, shoemaker

Matthew Richmond, farmer, Currarie, Glenapp

Thomas Robertson, road-contractor, Auchairne

John Ross, farmer, Big Park

Thomas Ross, farmer

John Ross, grocer

James Scott, shoemaker

John Scott, shoemaker

William Scott, mason

Alexander Shaw, toll-keeper and grocer, Kilantringan

William shaw, farmer, Ardnamoil

John Shearer, blacksmith,Garleffin

John Sinclair, Garleffin

Mrs Margaret Sloss, draper and grocer

William Small, cooper

Aaron Stewart, labourer, Auchairne

James Stewart, postmaster and teacher of "Butters's School", Glenapp

John Tait, blacksmith

John Taylor, surgeon

Robert Temple, parochial teacher

Hugh Thompson, gardener

Hugh Thompson, fisher

John Thompson, fisher

John Thompson, fisher

William Thompson, fisher

Edward Wallace, farmer, Balkissock

Mrs Wilson

Robert Wright, Donnan [Downan]

Francis Young, farmer, Balrazie

Also noted in the Ballantrae entry were 

'County Voters Not Resident in Ayrshire':

Alexander McNeel Caird – procurator fiscal, Stranraer

John Donaldson of Auchairne – with his regiment in India

Andrew Farquhar Gray of Glentig &c. – comptroller of customs, Glasgow

George Guthrie – factor to Lord Stair, Rephad, by Stranraer

George Main – innkeeper, Innerkip, Renfrewshire

James Moore, lands of Dounan, Bigpark – Corsewall House, Kirkcolm, Stranraer

Henry Hughes Onslow of Balkissock & co. – Mount Charles, near Ayr

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