A chaise belonging to an innkeeper in Stranraer overturned at Glenapp, severely injuring the driver and a passenger


The lands and estate of Ballantrae offered for sale.  The advert described it as an estate comprising 20,000 Scots acres which stretched along the sea coast for about seven miles.  It contained a fine river and valuable salmon fishing, and the property abounded in game.

Rev William Donaldson, minister of Ballantrae for 44 years, died aged 75 on 28th July


Allan Archibald, carrier of Girvan, was on his way from Stranraer to Girvan with a horse and cart loaded with whisky and herring.  Due to the water being exceptionally high at Glenapp bridge, he was unable to see the edge of the road.  Both horse and cart tumbled into the river and were washed more than 100 yards downstream.  The horse drowned, but Mr Archibald was rescued by a passing traveller.  Only part of the load of whisky and herring was recovered.  As this was the man's only way of supporting his wife and five small children, a subscription fund was opened in Girvan for their relief.   


John Donaldson purchased the lands of Auchairne and others adjoining to Kilphin, Lot 5 of the Ballantrae Estate.  He laid down several considerable belts and clumps of plantation around Auchairne House and estate.

Attempts were still being made to sell the remainder of Ballantrae Estate in 15 individual lots

Two brothers named Coulter from Ballantrae were sent to jail for smuggling gin.  They had been able to elude the officers for some years past, so this time the Sheriff dispatched the officers by sea aboard a revenue cutter.  The officers caught the smugglers in bed in the dead of night, and carried them off to the cutter.


The lands of Corseclays and Drumore consisting of 320 Scotch acres offered for sale at auction at Edinburgh's Exchange Coffee House

The lands of Smirton containing 541 acres offered for sale by private bargain


Hugh Ross, awaiting trial for robbing a carrier's cart, attempted suicide by cutting his throat but did not succeed

The poet John Keats and his friend (and later biographer) Charles Armitage Brown visited Ballantrae in July while touring Scotland.  Keats began a letter to his brother Thomas which he dated at 'Belantree', enclosing a sonnet he'd written about Ailsa Craig.


New parish church built in Ballantrae

Glenapp Church and school started by bequest from Mrs Butter, widow of James Caddell

Advert for auction in Edinburgh of lands around Ballantrae to be sold in five Lots.  Shennas & Barnvannock had an estimated rent of £420.  Balkissock, Leffindonald, Barchallan & Gleglay's estimated rent was £320. 

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