George Moore and other Manx merchants based in Peel supplied their customers in the Ballantrae area with contraband.


William Kennedy of Carlock was heir to his own three deceased sons in the lands of Carlock 'with pendicle called Glenhead and lands of Auchincrosh, Ballimunter Casindow'


Record of births, marriages and deaths began


Bridge built at Colmonell

Disease had killed cattle all over Europe for the past five years.  A 90-year old man, native to Ballantrae, later recalled the local effects for the years 1740-45:  "There could be no rent given for land, because the Lord sent a plague in in the kingdom.  The cattle died of disease.  The wet seasons threw up a bad weed in the crop, called the doite.  It sickened the people, and made them as if they were drunk.  At that time the farm of Garfar [Garphar] lay five years waste, without a tenant."


Archibald Crawford of Ardmillan now had lands of Carlock after centuries of Kennedys 


A British Army post of six to twelve soldiers were stationed in Ballantrae during the Occupation following the Jacobite Uprising of 1745.  The Cantonment Register shows their presence in the years 1748, 1749, 1750 and 1754.

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